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Leisure Travel

Ventresca Travel can help you plan your next tour vacation, as we currently work with a number of the leading tour operators in the industry, such as Apple Vacations, Sandals, Globus, and others!

Your list of available options include:

Land Tours: Travel overland to some of the most exotic locales on earth; stopping at some of the most intriguing and exciting tourist attractions almost every day!

River Cruises: Cruising from town to town via river way, combines the ease and comfort of lazily floating and enjoying your time, with the excitement of constantly discovering new cities.

Ocean Cruises: Traveling the 7 seas of the world offers the ultimate adventure! You get the peace, serenity, and nearly infinite space of the deep blue waters with the unexpected pleasures of the some of the globe’s most-visited ports!

Family Trips: Create unforgettable memories that a lifetime for the whole family by traveling with Ventresca! We can devise an itinerary that even the most skeptical teenager will absolutely love, both here and abroad.


Group Travel

Class Trips: Ventresca Travel arranges class trips for local grade and high schools to places like New York, Washington D.C., Maryland and locations throughout eastern Pennsylvania. As a full-service agency we handle everything from A-Z for our clients, and book class trip features including but not limited to: bus transportation, stadium tours, Broadway shows, museum tours, aquarium visits, restaurant reservations, monument & park tours, and more!

Religious Travel: Ventresca Travel has arranged Pilgrimages for church groups and organizations for special events such as The Passion Play of Oberammergau, Germany to religious destinations such as The Holy Land in Israel and Lourdes in France. We also have done bus trips to churches across North America; traveling to some of the most magnificent cathedrals including St. Anne De Beaupre in Quebec, Canada.

Service Group Trip: Ventresca Travel organizes the travel arrangements for service groups from schools and organizations across the globe.

Team/Club Travel: Ventresca Travel has many years’ experience arranging the travel for athletic teams, academic clubs, and theater companies across the country. Leave the stress of planning at home with VTI when your group hits the road. We handle everything for your next journey and provide first-class service, including: accommodations, bus transportation, air flights, restaurant reservations and ground transportation.

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